Monday, August 13, 2007

First Day

Welcome to my Blog! This is my first day as a blogger and I have to confess that I don't know anything about blogging yet. My intent is to discuss how I go about creating a painting and have discussions with other artists about the creative process.


Abollafia said...

Hello Maxine,

I actually ran across your work several years ago (probably in an art magazine) and was intiqued by it. I love the heavy textural quality of it, color, and design, and also that you incorporate found objects in some of your work. I am very interested in your working method.

I work in mixed media, starting with colored pencils and then using acrylic, gouache, oil pastels, pens, etc. I gravitate to the figure and portraiture (although I occasionally turn out other subjects), to which I add designs and decorative elements and embellishments. I add a lot of texture through the use of acrylic mediums (ceramic stucco, black lava, glass beads, fibers, gold flecks, etc.) I work on textured, usually black (or dark) paper, and my palette is a bit rich (darkish) and earthy, with coppers and golds. Some of my work looks a bit Matisse-y (who is a large influence on me). I also love Klimt.

I began to paint seriously about 10 years ago. I am now 55 years old. I am always restless and somewhat dissatisfied with my work, even though I generally like my work and am pleased with my progress. I am always looking for a new direction-- something that feels more authentic, more expressionistic.

I know that I need to experiment more, loosen up my line, work larger (I work small to medium), and I have for years been feeling a need to get add collage elements, or found objects, etc. (although I do not think I'm ready for abstract yet). I would also like to incorporate oil sticks. I love oil paint more than any other medium (it is so rich and luscious), but I am oil paint phobic. I am a self-taught artist, and for some reason oil painting intimidates me and seems incredibly daunting. Also, as strange as it sounds, I don't particularly like painting. Pens, pencils, oil pastels, oil sticks are more my speed because I find I have more control and more of a sense of immediacy with the media(for this reason I think I might like to try knife painting with oils,in addition to incorporating oil sticks). So I guess I'm also "paintbrush" phobic. I'd much prefer to complete a painting (drawing) without the use of paintbrushes (although I rarely do).

Sorry to run on and on, but this kind of work is a bit isolating.

Any comments or suggestion for me?

Love your work!


Knitting Painter Woman said...

PS: Your blog is going fine! I might do better with my artistic endeavors if I didn't spend so much time on-line!! Envy your MFA... That's what I need: a 3rd Masters! HA!

Maxine Price said...

Hi Dawn, Thanks for contacting me. Sorry to be so long in getting back to you. I have been neglecting my blog while painting for shows. If you will email me over my website
I will be happy to give you advice as to mediums I use, etc. Also it would be helpful to see some photos of your work. Maxine

And to Knitting Painter Woman, Thanks for your comments and encouragement. Max